Supermarket, Shopping Behaviour, Physical Factors, Social Factors, Temporal Factors.


The Indian retail market is one of the most promising in the world and it is growing. So is the Indian consumer, across all socioeconomic strata, regions, towns and classes. Rising incomes, multiple income households, exposure to international lifestyles and media, easier financial credit and an upbeat economy are enhancing aspirations and consumption patterns. The retailing industry in India, specifically organized retail, seems poised for a significant growth in the coming years owning to the presence of a vast market, growing consumer awareness about products and services, higher disposable income of the consumers and the desire to try out new products. Supermarkets will be one of the major centers for shopping. Thus to tap the opportunities in this sector, it is important to understand what factors that influence consumers and how is the current shopping behaviour pattern in India. Study finds out that, physical factors (discounts, quality, local brands, display and visual appeal) (2) social factors include (salesmen behaviour and choice of children) (3) temporal factors (open space) should be considered by the super marketers while designing marketing strategy for Indian consumers as these factors are having influence upon the number of visits and amount spent in the supermarket.

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