E-commerce, Small Scale Enterprises, Retail Trade, South Western Nigeria


Studies have been conducted on the barriers and the determinants of the use of e-commerce in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries. However, studies on the adoption of e-commerce in Small Scale Enterprises (SSEs) in developing countries’ retail sector, particularly Nigeria, are scanty. This study explores the barriers and the extent of e-commerce adoption by SSEs in retailing sector in the South Western part of Nigeria. The data for this study were derived from the administration of questionnaires on the owners of 228 SSEs selected for the study. The data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics. The study reveals that the majority of the SSE owners in the study area are yet to adopt e-commerce. Moreover, those that have adopted it are at the early stage of e-commerce. Besides, the study shows that retail SSEs’ online sale is virtually zero. The paper concludes that for the opportunities offered by the e-commerce to be optimally utilized in Nigeria retailing SSEs, regular electricity supply, government financial assistance, internet security, and developed legal and regulatory system must be provided.

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