Impulsive buying behavior, point of purchase factors, brick and mortar stores, skin care products, positive reinforcers


Impulsive buying is a much talked and researched subject particularly in view of the immense business that it generates all over the world. The point of purchase factors in brick and mortar stores play a crucial role in determining the buying behavior. Impulsive buying behavior, on one hand is difficult to predict or estimate, on the other hand much talked and extremely crucial area in consumer behavior. Women associate themselves very innately with skin care products for many different aspects like looks, aging, sun protection, moisturizing. As a matter of fact the skincare products become an extension of their very own personalities. In the present research paper an attempt is made to understand the importance of various factors present at the point of purchase and the degree to which they act as positive rein forcers in impulsive buying of skin care items. Twenty two constructs had been identified based on extensive literature review. These were later grouped into eight factors using factor analysis. These factors are in store promotions, merchandising, ambience, atmospherics, support at point of purchase, display, convenience and visual communication. Further cluster analysis is carried out to understand the importance of these factors. A total of 229 completely filled questionnaires are utilized for analyzing the data. ANOVA is used to understand the difference between groups. The study is conducted in the state of Uttrakhand, India.

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