Customer shopping behaviour, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty, Shopping Malls, Gurgoan City.


The last decade was a major year for all the retail sectors as the transformation which happened in the various urban centers lead to the birth of organized retail formats with the emergence of mega shopping malls. These changes has given the people of Gurgaon a one stop destination to fulfil their daily needs and wants like socialization, shopping & entertainment, due to which the growth and dimension of retail sector has changed drastically in India. With a large number of malls emerging in Gurgaon city it has become a shopping destination for most of the people.  The basic aim of this paper is that, by using the structural equation modeling to study the consumer behavior of people who gets attracted to these shopping malls based on 6 important dimensions. This would also help the shopkeepers and the mall management to get a clear view about the customer through a proper data related to the behavior of the customer which would in turn help the mall management to provide better services as well as increase their business efficiency. This study was found to be fit as the outcome suggested that the shopping behavior of the shoppers tell a lot about their shopping satisfaction and loyalty. This proves that to maintain the loyalty of the shoppers it is important to improve the factors which affect the shopping behavior of the customer hence they stay loyal towards a particular retail outlet and the shopping mall. In the environment where the retail outlets are growing day by day would help the management to understand and influence the shopping behavior of the shoppers which would in turn proves to be successful for the mall management to fight the growing competition in the retail sector in India.

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