HALAL, brand, safety, quality, price, Malay


Skincare products have had a huge impact on the skin of users either positively or negatively. Most people are becoming more concerned about the harmful effects of chemicals used in skincare products. In Malaysia, most of the users are Malays who are generally Muslims. As Muslims, they use Halal products that are free of porcine or animal substances that are not being processed according to Islamic principles. Hence, this study aims to explore the main factors which are taken into consideration when Malay students purchase skincare products. A total of 100 questionnaires were distributed to Malay students in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to gain feedback on the factors that influenced them to buy skincare products. The findings show that most Malay students considered Halal, product safety, brand, price and quality as being the most important factors when purchasing skincare products. This paper highlights that most Malay university students in Malaysia preferred to purchase skincare products that are Halal, safe, of high quality and reputable brands. They were even willing to pay more for high quality skincare products that fulfil the above criteria.  Thus, the findings of this study have an implication on appropriate marketing strategies to be implemented for future skincare products to boost sales and profits in the Malaysian market.

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