spin-off; deposit fund; panel regression; Islamic banks


The purpose of this paper is to analyze the impact of spin-off policy that based on Islamic Banking Act No. 21/2008 to the deposit fund growth of Islamic banking industry in Indonesia. This research used panel regression with fixed effect. The variable used in this paper is spin-off variable that used as a dummy variable, and also included the internal factor of industry such as deposit margin, and efficiency ratio (measured by BOPO). Besides the internal element, this research also added the external factor such as economic growth rate, and net interest margin from conventional banking. The result showed that the dummy spin-off variable, operational efficiency ratio (BOPO) and growth rate had an impact on the deposit funds in four Islamic banks. The implication of this result is spin-off policy had a good effect on the growth of deposit funds in Indonesian Islamic banking industry. Spin-off decision is one of the business strategies from Islamic banks and not the goal of Islamic banking industry.

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