Online stores, satisfaction antecedents, satisfaction, loyalty, mediation, path analysis


The purpose of this study is to know the mediation role of customer satisfaction in the causal relationship between 9 antecedents of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in the Indonesian online store context. Based on the model from Liu et al. (2008), the antecedents of online store customer satisfaction are information quality, security (privacy), payment system, delivery, customer service, transaction ability, response, web design, and product variation. Based on survey held in Indonesia during January until March 2012, the study analyzed hypotheses by path analysis method. The result shows that the influences of information quality, security (privacy), payment system, delivery, and customer service toward customer loyalty are significantly mediated by customer satisfaction. Two other antecedents that are transaction ability and response have no significant effect to both customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Whereas 2 other antecedents that are web design and product variation only have a direct significant effect to customer loyalty. This study contributes an insight from Indonesian online store context to identify which antecedents of customer satisfaction need to be addressed in arranging an effective e-commerce strategy.

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