Social Media Marketing, Emotional Purchasing, Online Marketing


          In a report about social media presented by the Arab Social Media Influencer Summit (2015) it was mentioned that 86% of young individuals between the ages of 25-35 are involved in almost every social media website there is. Jordan registered the highest usage within the Levant are of Facebook and WhatsApp with a high usage and involvement among young citizens.  The current research study aims at examining the role that social media marketing played among individuals in Jordan; precisely females and how it increased their impulsive purchasing of items through a social media platform. Through the quantitative approach, and using the questionnaire as a tool, the researcher distributed the tool on total of (400) female individuals forming a convenient sample of the study. The results of the analysis indicated that social media marketing had an influence on impulsive purchasing behavior among shoppers noting to the variable of variety seeking which presented through the social media platforms. The research however recommends a deeper investigation of how the impulsive and instant purchasing behavior was influenced by social media and the social media touched the behavior of the customer into a different scheme.  

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