Retail Industry, Compliance, Globalization, Culture, Corporate Conscience, and Corporate Social Responsibility.


This paper covers Retail Management, globalization, ethical and legal issues related to the Retail Industry. Specifically the paper looks to a connection between a company’s emphases on culture as a mechanism to assure compliance. This paper looks at some relatively recent current events by Retail Industry giants like Walmart and Kroger. Leveraging secondary research these events will be discussed. In addition this paper will leverage primary and secondary research to help highlight a company’s culture as a very effective mechanism to prevent compliance failures. The primary research included in this paper was conducted via anonymous phone interviews. Interviewees were assured of anonymity, and provided the aggregated anonymous research results for their efforts. Interviewees were asked a script of questions that range from Yes/No questions, to scale questions and open ended questions. The interviewees included in the survey were confirmed to be seniorlevel human resource professionals with a focus on compliance. This primary research is not positioned to be statistically representative of all global retailers. This primary research does reflect a perceptive given the reach and size of the selected companies that participated. The primary research in support of this paper is limited to only a select few respondents. This is likely due to the nature of the compliance function in companies erring on the side of caution. Global retailers have many, large force

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